Selected works

I'm pleased to present you herewith a selection of my work. You'll find here projects I'm just working on, older projects I've already realized, sketches and rough scribbles, concepts and also ideas that I'd to discard. I hope you enjoy what you see and that this selection gives you a little insight into my work.

A bunch of new cars for the Milan Racing Team in iRacing

I am very proud to present you the brand new designed liveries for a selection of variouse cars from the Milan Racing Team we will drive in the racing simulation iRacing in the future.

Livery-Design by Daniel Bucher - Design Studio 33
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Milan Racing Team - New Simulation, new liveries

After a very successful time in Assetto Corsa Competizione, we from the Milan Racing Team have decided to switch to the racing simulation iRacing with immediate effect. Already in September 2021 we will contest our first official races, among others in the new "RRVGT GTE Masters Season TWO presented by". We have already purchased the working equipment (Chevrolet Corvette C8.R) for this new series, which is based on the race calendar of the iRacing IMSA Hagerty iRacing Series 2021 Season 4, and painted it in our team colors. We are looking forward to the new challenge and exciting races.

Livery-Design by Daniel Bucher - Design Studio 33
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Milan Racing Team - SimRacing at it's best!

I'm very proud to present today (26.07.2020) the completely new designed liveries for our next season cars in Assetto Corsa Competizione. 

My friends and I from the Milan Racing Team will participate with two or maybe even three cars at the RRVGT Endurance Challenge from August 2020 until January 2021. We'll start all together in the GT3 category and will do our very best to become even more successful as during the last seasons. We're very excited and can't wait to see the green starting light at the first race! Fingers crossed that everything will work fine and we'll get good positions in the final ranking.

See you on track!

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coffster - portable cold drip coffee maker - project unfortunately cancelled

The "coffster" is a so-called "Cold Drip Coffee Maker" developed and designed by Daniel Bucher, a multidisciplinary lateral thinker from Central Switzerland. Contrary to the conventional hot brewing of ground coffee, the "coffster" literally produces cold coffee.

Basically, it can be said that during the preparation of Cold Drip Coffee heat is replaced by time and the gravity then does the rest. The fascinating aspect is that by refraining from heat, aromas of the coffee are emphasized which usually remain hidden during high-temperature brewing. Unwanted bitter compounds fall completely away. The cool caffeine bombs are also significantly lower in acid and therefore well tolerable for the stomach. The result is a mild, nuanced and voluminous but not bitter coffee flavor.

Cold Drip Coffee enjoys a rapidly growing popularity. Thus, the new trend beverage finds its way into more and more hip coffee bars. Iced Latte and Flat White were yesterday. Cold Drip Coffee is today.

Who wants to make Cold Drip Coffee by himself, will soon be confronted with the fact that the various Cold Drip Coffee Makers available on the market are either incredibly expensive, cumbersome to handle or quite space-intensive. Three essential impediments to purchase a Cold Drip Coffee Maker, which are eliminated with the "coffster".

The "coffster" impresses with its minimalist and compact design. It is only 20cm high, has a capacity of 260ml (ideal for a single operation) and fits almost on every conceivable drinking vessel. Since the "coffster" has been specifically reduced to a minimum, it has neither valves nor set screws (which must be adjusted during the drip process of almost all competitor products) and is therefore absolutely easy to use, also without having graduated as a rocket scientist. This makes it especially suitable for preparing freshly brewed Cold Drip Coffee also outside the own four walls. For example, during the next camping trip or classically during working at the office. For whoever once tasted the black gold, never want to waive it anymore. With the "coffster" this will also no longer be necessary.

To get more information about this exciting project, just visit its special website:

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Photoshop Drawings - Colored Lines - Exercise

Here some "colored lines" I have drawn in photoshop during May 2017.

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3D Visualization - High Wheeler - Concept/Exercise

During the last few days I was intensively working on my Cinema 4D modeling and rendering skills. Additionally, I made my first steps in Adobe After Effects. As result of this self made exercise I can present the below High Wheeler model, which was designed, modeled, rendered and post produced all by myself. I think I managed it pretty well. ;-)

And as much fun as it makes to create new 3D objects, scenes and visualizations, the more I realize how much I love doing this. So, now let's start a new project...

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Messing around with Cinema 4D - Citroën DS5 Hybrid Pickup - Concept/Exercise

A few days ago I was joking around with my best friend about how cool and useful it would be to have a pickup version of my Citroën DS5 Hybrid car.

In hours of work I started the same day creating a digital model of my car by using Cinema 4D. Once the 1:1 model was finished, I converted it into a unique and awesome pickup version.

As you can imagine, the Citroën DS5 Hybrid Pickup model shouldn't become a serious concept but more an intense exercise to improve my Cinema 4D skills. I reckon, the whole thing has become quite well. And if I think so about it, it would be pretty cool and useful to have a pickup version of my Citroen DS5 Hybrid either. ;-)

Photos of my Citroën DS5 Hybrid, the original:

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Renderings of the in Cinema 4D modeled Citroën DS5 Hybrid Pickup:

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Packaging modeling and rendering for the company Novatra GmbH  -  completed

Early September 2016 I was asked by the company Novatra GmbH to undertake the 3D packaging modeling and packshot rendering of their new product line named "Novafroota" as part of the visualization for their marketing activities. After a clear definition of the requirements and expectations for the packaging with the customer, it was my part to turn this information into 3D models. Once modeled, presented to and approved by the customer, I added the textures to the models and finally rendered each of them. The concept and the graphical design for these project was created by the design company "Crème Fraîche Design GmbH", while Linda Wyss made all the illustrations. The finalized packshots (all done with an enabled alpha channel to be easily integrated into further picture compositions) looks totally similar to what the real product will look like. As you can imagine, the customer was absolutely satisfied.

Modeling and rendering of the first packaging drafts:

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Final packshots (selection) of the whole Novafroota collection:
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Header images for their website:

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Neptune Rowboats  -  Business Partner found, Prototyping in progress

In the spring of 2015, I was needing a new fitness routine for myself. Since jogging and fitness centers didn’t inspire me, I took on the search for a new sport that would be fun.

Since I lived nestled between four lakes, I had the spontaneous idea to try rowing. My search started for a rowboat that was light enough for me to carry and, from a design standpoint, beautiful enough for me to delight in every time I looked at it.

After a few weeks of searching, disappointment was setting in as I was being forced to take on different compromises in regards to what I really wanted. Spontaneously, I decided to solve this problem by developing my own recreational rowboat. This was the moment when Neptune Rowboats came into being and I took the first steps into the exciting design and development phase.

To get more information about this exciting project, just visit its special website:

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Chair 32 -  Prototyping in progress

Three pieces, two materials, one chair: Chair 32

In the context of the current global terrorism and the consequential wars, I wanted to create an object that processes the keywords "crossing borders", "trust" and "peace". So the Chair 32 has arisen.

Daily thousands of refugees exceed on their escape to a better life their personal limits and as perforce also national borders. The Chair 32 embodies this fact through the visually and physically transgression of its frame. However, if we consider that such situations can evoke new and hitherto untried solutions, and if we trust in these new opportunities, we will be able to find inner peace even in at the first glance unreal circumstances.

The Chair 32, composed of three simple parts, will be a sign of the unexpected (frame), the confidence (seat) and the secureness (backrest). Three phases which I wish to each refugee in a positive sense.

Built from three pieces (frame / seat / backrest) in three simple steps (form frame / create leather parts / add leather parts to the frame), the Chair 32 is especially designed for the industrial mass production. This guarantees the best price-quality ratio for this extraordinary masterpiece of furniture design.

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Gentleman's Cruiser  -  Concept study

Alternatively energy is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, this concept comprise not a motorboat, but a pedalo. Mainly it is about the pedal technology which includes a continuously variable shift mechanism that allows to move the boat with high speed because of pure muscle strength. Moreover, the construction and design of the Gentleman's Cruiser supports the fluid dynamics and provides thereby a unique motion feeling on the water.

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Logo design for the Design Studio 33  -  Completed

Designing your own logo sounds easier then it is in the end. I guess that's because you'll be your toughest critic. Anyhow, with me it was like that. So I created several design compositions, tried a lot of fonts and styles and also experimented with a lot of color combinations. But in the end, it was worth it.

The concept of the final logo is as striking as also easy. I wanted to design a simple but individually customizable text logo, which has a great recognition value. The logo is based on a few basic rules. The text combination of "DESIGN", "STUDIO" and 33" remains always unchanged. But the colors can be adjusted from project to project. Yet, the number "33" is always colored in the main color of the corresponding project. The word "STUDIO" will be colored at any time with the second part-complementary color of the project's main color. And last but not least, the word "DESIGN" will be colored either in black or in white. It just depends on the background the logo will be placed on. Is the background dark, the color white will be taken, is it bright, the word "DESIGN" will be colored in black.

Finally, the slogan below the logo will always be colored with the first part-complementary color of the main project color. Even its wording can change from project to project.

Therefore, I am confident and proud to have designed a simple but very customizable logo with a high recognition value.

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Popcorn ice cream  -  Completed

As the name already says it, popcorn ice cream is a tasty ice cream with popcorn flavor and pieces of popcorn inside. I developed and refined its recipe in several days of work, until it was perfect. I was fortunate that a large Swiss Ice cream producer was interested in buying the final recipe and to produce the popcorn ice cream for one of its customers. It was sold commercially for several years.

That was my first real project and I'm still unbelievably proud of it. I guess I'll never forget it.

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Sketches and scribbles  -  Hopefully never completed

Here you see a potpourri of sketches and scribbles which I made during the last years. Of course, the selection is not complete but I will update the list continuously.

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SKRUGS. screw. sticks. together. -  University concept study

The rapid digitization of our society doesn't stop at children's rooms or playgrounds. Our youngest lose more and more their flair for the originally playing by hand and their imagination. Several studies have shown that. The strongly growing market of video games and consoles underpinned this statement.

This fact we wanted to counteract. The main goal of this study project was to develop and design an aesthetic and innovative construction toy for young and old, which will promote the imagination, coordination and the joy of traditional playing. Therefore, my classmate Dennis van Geenen and I created an unique toy made from wooden sticks in combination with various connectors with which it's possible to construct different objects like for example a ladder, a throne or a handcart. So "SKRUGS." was born.

A written thesis, a professional prototype of the toy, a complementary app for construction manuals and a reputable project presentation at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne rounded off the whole project.

At this point again a big thank you to my classmate Dennis.

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Biomorph and technomorph sound-systems  -  University concept study

This are two concepts of sound systems, designed as an exercise for my design study at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne. The goal of this practice was to design each a biomorph and a technomorph sound system. As easy as this now sounds, but it wasn't.

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Infographic sculptures  -  Concept study

From 2008 to 2011, I was study-related dealing intensively with the facts of the contemporaneously economic crisis. The whole issue was very difficult for me to realize and understand properly. But I definitely wasn't alone with this problem. Many people around the world weren't able to understand the related events. Primarily for my own understanding but also for that of many other people, I tried to show the effects of the crisis in easy to follow diagrams. For me, it was very helpful to understand related events. Therefore, I was thinking about an guerilla exhibition in a park near Lucerne with large scale infographic sculptures to bring this facts and figures easy understandable closer to the public. Finally, it has remained just an idea and a concept and has never been implemented.

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