Swiss quality design, made with passion and pride

DESIGN STUDIO 33 is not still another boring design bureau who tries to sell its copy & paste mainstream-work. It's much more than this. It’s a vision, paired with passion and pride by and from me, the designer behind the brand.

Hi, my name is Daniel Bucher and I welcome you on my website.
I'm definitely not a conventional designer, although I would sometimes like to be one. I describe myself often more as a tinkerer who is committed to the design he is creating as a way of enriching the world, either creatively or functionally. Then in my opinion good design does not mean to stand out, but to be remembered.

I'm aware, that I can't grab back to a long term senior experience in what I'm doing, because I'm reinventing myself with every single project. But this fact has the great advantage, that I'm learning to master a lot of different situations, perspectives and solution approaches every time I'm working on a new project.

By the way: I guess I’m pretty good in the fields of designing products, graphic design and 3D visualization. Convince yourself.

Have I raised your interest? Just have a look at a selection of my works or directly get in touch with me.

I'm looking forward to your challenge.

Daniel Bucher
Product Designer
CAS Industrial Design
Diploma in Business Administration